27 listopada 2021

Wanted Foreign Made Labels / Poszukiwane etykiety Foreign Made

  •  A G (A Good Match), Appletons & Ardath.
  • Bee Brand, Betty’s Transport Café, Big Ben, Birmingham Co-op Soc., Boxer,P F Brand & Builder’s Merchants.                               
  • Caber, C.C.R. (C.C. Ryan & Co Ltd), Camel & Palms, Candle King’s, Challenger, Champion, Cheeribell, Cheeta Fight, Chef, Cock Brand, Consol & Cue.                                                        
  • Dancing Foxes Match (The), Danco, Debroyal & Double Deer Brand.                                     
  • Ergo (The).                                      
  • Fairylite, Fenwick, Five Star Brand, Five Stars, Frankel’s & Freedom From Fire.                              
  • Gerry’s Mobile Supermarket, Gloria Mundi, Glorious Eagle, Glowing Sun, Gold Crest, Gong & G & S Food Fair.                           
  • Handy Stores (The), Harp Brand, Harrowlite & Heavitree Ales.
  • Impregnated S M (Green Back), Impregnated S M (Water Bird) & Irwins.                                                    
  • Jenny Brand & J M (John Menzies).                            
  • Key (The) & King.                                                 
  • La Menage’re, Lewis, Lewis (A. Lewis & Co.), Lilley & Martyn, Lion (The) & London.                                 
  • Macfisheries, Maiden, Majestic Brand, Marabout, Menco, R S Mitchell, Monk, M S & Municipal.                                      
  • N B & Nelsons.                              
  • Over Sea.                            
  • Padlock (The), Palms & Pyramid (Torraquilla), Pandora, Paraffin, Peaco, Pegrams Stores, Penguin, Photo Art Co., Pine Vestas, Porch & Prudential.
  • Quaker Brand.                               
  • Radion, Red Crab, Regent, Rival & Ryan & Kay’s “Klimax”.                     
  • Safety Matches (Star), Sarma Nopri, Ship, Shorts (1678), Silver Comet, Simplex, Snobby, Society, Somerite, Standard Triumph, Star, H. C. Strickland & Strike One.                                                    
  • Three Five Brand, Three Greyhounds, Three Stars, Three Torches, Tip Top, Trumpers (Three Star), T.T.’71 (Isle of Man) & Tug-Boat.                                                        
  • Wellsteads.                                    
  • Xylophone.                                                                                    



Note to all Worldwide Phillumenists


My Foreign Made single matchbox label research project (now in its 16th month) has now identified 525 different Brands and in order to publish my findings with their  countries of origin and images, I need the above 109 labels.


Are you able to help me?   awsamson@hotmail.co.uk 


Anthony William Samson MBE FRICS.

November 2021.



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