31 października 2021

[Zapytanie] Foreign Made

Jako grupa międzynarodowych zbieraczy prowadzimy analizę etykiety Foreign Label która była produkowana w latach 1920-1972. Zidentyfikowaliśmy 530 różnych projektów z 17 krajów. Według mojej listy etykieta Foreign Made była produkowana w Polsce dla 52 marek (lista poniżej). 

Uprzejmie proszę o informację, czy nie pominąłem żadnej polskiej etykiety Foreign Label.

Szczególnie ciekawi mnie etykieta "Wig". Czy była produkowana w Polsce? Dlaczego nie ma jej w żadnym polskim katalogu?

W ramach mojego 15-miesiecznego projektu stworzyłem listę etykiet Foreign MAde, których pochodzenia nie udało mi się ustalić. Będę bardzo wdzięczny każdemu kto zechce pomóc mi zidentyfikować ich pochodzenie.

Anthony Samson (UK) awsamson (małpa) hotmail (kropka) co (kropka) uk

Oyfinalna wiadomość:

I am conducting, with worldwide collectors, extensive research into Foreign Made matchbox labels that were produced in the 1920-1972 era and tracing their countries of origin. To date we have identified 530 different designs from 17 countries including Poland, which has 52 Foreign Made brands as per my attached list.

I would value your comments and advice on my attachment and whether I have missed out any Foreign Made label whose country of origin is Poland.

As you will observe, I have a query over 'Wig', a label that was produced in 1930, which I am told by one source could be Polish. Are you able to resolve please? Why the Foreign Made label "Wig" does not yet appear in any Polish catalogue

My Foreign Made 15-month research is reaching a conclusion, but I still have a few outstanding questions for collectors which still need to be resolved - see attachment. Any help you can give me, perhaps through your blog, would be very much appreciated, especially if you or your colleagues could join me and help to finalise this research project!


Export  Labels


#*APT (Assoc. of Private Traders)   1973

#*Bell    1964

#*Big N    1972

#*Black Cat   1951

#*Blue Peter   1958

#*Blue Riband   1960

#*Butterfly   1964

#*Camel Brand   1955

#*Caters   1971

#*Cock Brand   1952

#*Columbus   1954

#*Confex   1971

#*Cornflower   1952

#*County Pride   1969

#*Courage (John)   1958

#*Divi   1967

#*Downs   1961

#*Downtex   1972

#*Family Robinson (The)   1972

#*Fargo   1969

#*Flare Path   1952 &1968 & 1971

#*Greig (David)   1971

#*Jet   1956

#*Londis   1960

#*Lucky Four   1954

#*Maiden   1946-50

#*Maid Marian   1969

#*Marathon   1971

#*Meteor   1964

#*Millgate   1967

#*National   1964

#*New Era   1967

#*Norvic   1946-50 & 1970

#*Old Castle   1959

#*Orion    1955

#*Parrot   1958

#*Pegasus   1956

#*Penguin   1946-50

#*Poppy   1951

#*Portobello   1972

#*Prestige   1969

#*R.A.C.S.   1964

#*Sphinx   1952

#*Summer Gold   1972

#*Summit   1962

#*S V S   1961

#*Tableen   1962

#*Tamar Bridge   1963

#*Tesco   1963

#*Tulip    1951 & 1965

#*Village   1960

Wig ?  1930

#*Wood gro   1960


                                      Total = 52 ‘Foreign Made’ Brands

                                               #   Catalogue Verified

                                                                               *    Double Checked

                                                                              Finalised List

                                                                               Pre-war Dates

                                                                               Post-war Dates



21 Labels needing a Country of Origin            Notes SO FAR


P F Brand                                                         ?

British Rail Catering                             ?

Builder’s Merchants                                 ?              Probably CZECH Solo & Norvic Imported

Champion                                                         ?              Probably Russia

Frankel’s                                                        ?              stuck over a Belgian Camp Label

Gas (High Speed)                                         ?

Glowing Sun                                                   ?

Grace                                                                ?

Handy Stores (The)                                  ?

King                                                                     ?

Lilley & Martyn                                         ?              Probably Russia 1930s

Macfisheries                                                 ?

Mac’s No.1                                                        ?

Majestic Brand                                           ?              Very rare – maybe 1932

R S Mitchell                                                   ?

Nelsons                                                             ?              Belgian 1957

Shorts (1672)                                               ?

Standard Triumph                                     ?

H. C. Strickland                                           ?              Probably Russia 1930s

T.T.’71 (Isle of Man)                                  ?

Universe                                                           ?

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